Do's and Dont's | Bedroom and Lounge print sizing

I know it can be super intimidating to hang art in your home... You see something you like but this is meet with questions big should they be? and how many? which wall? and how high should I hang them?... you get the picture... In this blog I would love to answer a few of those questions. There are some simple ways to getting the right print for the right space and I hope this will demystify the exercise, a little, for you.

 Let's look at which size prints fit best in the:

  • lounge space

  • bedroom space 

All of my measurements for the couch sizes and beds are based off the most common sizes in NZ/AUS.

The Lounge:

This is such a key space in the home and one of the most common places that people buy artwork for.

When choosing artwork for your lounge I would suggest to consider the following things:

  • Couch length: This will most likely dictate how many prints will look right on the wall.
  • Stud height: This will impact what size prints will fit in the space from the top of your couch to the ceiling, I find that multiple A1 portrait prints or a solo A0 landscape print to be the most common size that fits this space well.
  • Couch/soft furnishing colours: This is important for choosing a frame colour. For example, if you have a lot of dark tones and accents in the lounge area you'll want to amplify that theme with either a black or oak frame - But if all of your furnishings are light colours I find that its safer to keep it consistent and go with the white (or light oak) frames. Headline: keep it consistent.
  • Plants or shelves: If you have any tall plants or shelves that creep into or compete with the wall space above the couch then you may want to go with one less print


The Bedroom:

In my recommendations I have assumed that the beds have a headboard (if a bed doesn’t have a head board they often have tall cushions that take up that space on the wall).

When choosing artwork for your Bedroom I would suggest to consider the following things:

  • Bedhead: These can vary in size and often take up a a considerable amount of height from the wall, this is why I have suggested A2 prints because they are not too tall but you can add a few side by side to fill the length of space.
  • Linen colour: Often linen in the bedroom is quite soft and light toned so this might mean you are looking at the lighter colour palettes for artwork and also a lighter toned frame. There are lots of print designs that evoke a sense of tranquility and peace which would lead to a vibe that you want in the bedroom.
  • Wall lights: make sure that if you have lights either side of your bed that are on the wall that you consider that space when ordering how many prints you want above your bed. This may be a reason to cut out one print from your planned “print wall” above the bed.

Please note these are just general recommendations but if you have a couch or bed with different dimensions I would recommend getting in touch with us and we would love to assist you.



Thank you for reading! I hope this answered some of your questions and can assist in your decision to choose the perfect pieces of artwork to complete your space!

If you have any further questions or a space that has unique dimensions or you just want to be extra sure, then please get in touch at

It would be helpful if you could send an image of your space, your preference of prints and a measurement (the couch length/height or wall length/height).

Lydia :)