Casa Del Sol - A Raglan Spanish Villa

 We recently had the pleasure of exploring Casa Del Sol, a Mediterranean villa, designed by Monica and her husband Justin.

The experience at Casa De Sol starts with a vaulted ceiling hallway that creates a sense of grandeur, with niche shelves on the wall to tease the Mediterranean aesthetic to come. 

Upon entering the span of kitchen/dining/living area, you can’t help but fall in love with the texture rendered white walls, perfectly curved arches, and terracotta accents thoughtfully placed throughout the space. 

The interplay of natural textures and light airy colours epitomise a modern Mediterranean villa. The oversized doors and windows wrap around the outside of the home, ushering in the local Raglan landscape.
Monica designed the interior of Casa Del Sol, inspired by her passion for Mediterranean architecture. She wanted their new build to harness key elements, creating an oasis reminiscent of a European Villa.
The living room is the jewel of the home, quickly becoming a favourite space for Monica and her family. The views of the waterway, arched doors, and curved terracotta kitchen island, are among some of the features that help create their dream family vibe. 

Monica has created a truly authentic space, showcasing her natural talent for interiors and home design. It was a privilege to explore her home and the beautiful soul behind it.