Media Mentions

Your Home and Garden, August Issue 2016 - Featuring A Tropical Forest Print, Dark Forest, Pineapple Table Cloth



Homes To Love Article - Featuring Custom Maelstrom Artwork and Tropical Palms Print




Renovate Magazine, July issue 2016 - Featuring Feathers Print


Fancy Blog - Featuring Leden Prints




Your Home and Garden - Featuring our Fly Print



Homes To Love - Featuring our Tropical Prints 



Milo and Mitzy - Featuring our Boo Print



You Home and Garden Magazine - Leden Cacti Print -


Your home and Garden, July Issue 2016 - Featuring our Cacti Print



Simply You Magazine - Tropical Wheel print -


Simply You Magazine, June Issue 2016 - Featuring our Tropical Wheel Print



Womans Day - Featuring our Gold pot