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Which Print goes Where?

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This blog post is about suggested arrangements of prints for keys rooms in your home!

Living room 

There are lots of ways to fill the walls in your living room, below are some examples that I love. 

A1 - Falling hearts

A2 - Mountain scape I

A2 - Mountain scape II

A1 - Tree Tops

A2 - Flock

A3 - Free to dream

Frames from Country Road and Leden (Frames above A3 size are available upon request)

A1 - Free to Dream

A1 - Ficus

Frames from Leden (Email us to get a quote at

A1 - Philodendron Leaf

A1 - Ficus

A1 - Falling Hearts

Frames from Leden (Email us to get a quote at




The bedroom is a place of rest and a place to recharge. The shots of bedrooms below, feature peaceful pieces, that add to the restful environment that the bedroom has.

A1 - Mountain scape I

A1 - Mountain scape II

A0 - Flock



Space above hall tables or room cabinets 

A0 - Tree Tops

A0 - Falling Hearts

A2 - Mountain scape I

A2 - Mountain scape II




The laundry is not usually the most exciting room in the house but we tend to spend a lot of time in here. It's amazing how a few indoor plants and pieces of artwork can transform the space into somewhere that feels beautiful.

A3  - Cacti (forest green)

A2 - Falling Hearts




A1 - Elephant

Thanks for viewing! Hope you are inspired in some way xx



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