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Wall Gallery

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Planning your walls in the home can be a daunting task!

On top of designing your wall, it can also be overwhelming to choose from so many prints. This post will go through some of my favourite wall galleries to help you envisage what your wall could look like.

I would recommend 3 keys things when achieving your perfect wall gallery:

1- Make sure you have one key colour and theme to bring continuity throughout the prints. e.g. Green and botanical, Blue and ocean. I find if you include too many different colours and themes, the wall becomes busy and stressful to look at. 

2 - Make sure the prints are level! It is so important to have all of your frames lined up and looking straight on the wall. This can easily be achieved with a level and pencil markings. 

3 - Make sure you incorporate the tones from your wall gallery into the colours in your room. I love to add colour from the prints into elements in the room, whether its having a green plant if you are having greenery on the wall or a couple of blue cushions if you are using blues on the wall. Carrying a key colour throughout the room brings balance. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

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I hope you enjoy!

A1 Falling Leaves

A2 Calm Pair

A3 Philodendron Bunch

A3 Climbing Leaves




A1 Palm Triplets

A2 Bird Planes

A2 Scape I 

A3 Be Still

A3 Free to Dream


A4 Free to Dream

A3 Palm Triplets

A1 Falling Leaves 

A2 Luxe Pair

A2 Eucalyptus


A2 Mountain Pair

A4 Bird Line

A4 Balance

A3 Blue Mountains

A3 Be Still

A2 Flock


A1 Colocasia

A1 Crossover Palms

A2 Forest Mist

A1 Flying Philodendron

A3 Magnolia Pair

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