Prints and Plants

I absolutely love indoor plants, not only are they great for filtering the air leading to a healthier home, but they also bring such a beautiful dynamic to your interiors. 

A lot of the spaces in my home are styled with our prints and real plants as the two key elements of the spaces. The horizontal and vertical lines created by framed prints give a very clean cut feel to spaces, so I like the elements of texture and fullness that live plants bring. 

I think the combination of plants and framed prints bring balance into spaces in the home, when you pair the right plants with your prints they help to frame the print in its interior space and fill negative space. 

Here are my top 6 picks for indoor plants!

1. Strelitzia

2. Scindapsus pictus ‘silver ann

3. Monstera deliciosa

4. Peace Lily (large)

5. Olive tree

6. Philodendron Cordatum sweetheart philodendron

Important Note: the information provided is from my personal experience of caring for these plants and what has worked for me in my home. It is not professional advice.

Best Auckland Plant stores:

Roger Hunters Garden Centre, Kings Plant Barn, Palmers, Bunnings, Plant and Pot NZ.

1. Strelitzia (Bird of paradise palm)

Name: Strelitzia (Bird of paradise palm)

This has to be one of my favorite plants, it has such a beautiful structure and brings a grand presence into the home. 

They are very hard to come by in my experience but if you do come across one they are worth getting your hands on!

Water: I water my Strelitzia every week in summer and every 2-3 weeks in winter. 

Indoors/outdoors: It is recommended to have Strelitzias outside over summer and inside (in a light area) in winter. I don't personally do this because I love having it in our home! but I like to put it out on the deck for a week or so every month in summer to give it a good watering and exposure to sunlight

Always put them in a place as light as possible

Fertilizer: they require food every week in their growing season

Level of attention needed: 8/10, I have found them to be quite high maintenance but so worth it!

a couple of years ago one of mine was dying, I had to cut all of the leaves of it and I brought it back to life by planting it in the garden soil, it took 6 months to grow back to a beautiful size and then I put it inside again!

Falling hearts 2 Cascade - A1

The Strelitzia Palm helps to frame this lounge space, its length helps to tie the prints to the couch and create a look that flows well. 


Name: Scindapsus pictus ‘silver ann

This plant is elegant and delicate but it's one of the easiest to care for!  

Water: I water my Scindapsus every week in summer and every month in winter. Because this plant retains a lot of water in its leaves, it can go for long periods without water but that's not recommended

Indoors/outdoors: Definitely an indoor plant

Always put them in a place as light as possible

Fertilizer: I personally fertilize my Scindapsus once a year. 

Level of attention needed: 2/10, one of my plants that requires the least amount of attention

Pheonix cluster -A0

3. Monstera deliciosa

Name: Monstera deliciosa

I have a few of these plants throughout the home, they have such a beautiful leaf with each new leaf that emerges different from the next.

Water: I water my Monstera weekly in summer and every 2-3 weeks in winter

Indoors/outdoors: I have found these plants to be great both indoors and outdoors, the ones that I have shifted outside, end up growing a bigger leaf and the colour of the leaf changes to more of a lime green colour.

Always put them in a place as light as possible

Fertilizer: I repot my Monstera once a year and the soil has fertilizer in it.  

Level of attention needed: 3/10, very easy to keep alive, super-fast growing!

 Banana Pair - A1

4. Peace Lily (large)

Name: Large leaf Peace Lily "Sensation"

I have lots of people asking if I grew my Peace Lily from a small plant, I did not! This is a bigger leaf breed of the Peace Lily and can be quite hard to come by!

The Variety is called "sensation" 

Water: I water my Peach lily every few days in summer and every week or 2 in winter

Indoors/outdoors: Definitely an indoor plant, will easily burn outside

Always put them in a place as light as possible

Fertilizer: I haven't used fertilizer on it yet.  

Level of attention needed: 2/10, very easy to keep alive, just needs regular water!

Toi Toi - A0

5. Olive tree

Name: Olive Tree

This is one of my favourite looking plants! I love the delicate leaves and the two-sided leaves that feature a deep forest green one side and a light silver-green on the other.

This is not an indoor plant! But I have so far successfully grown 2 inside (4 months so far)

Water: They thrive when they are watered often, I try to water mine every 3-4 days. 

Indoors/outdoors: Definitely an outdoor plant but I have mine inside and they seem to be growing and doing fine!

Always put them in a place as light as possible!

Fertilizer: N/A yet

Level of attention needed: 6/10, require a lot of water and light


Tangle Pair - A1

6. Philodendron Cordatum sweetheart philodendron

Name: Sweetheart Philodendron

This is one of my oldest plants! I have taken lots of cuttings from it and started smaller plants and it has grown so well over the years. It has been called on many times to inspire the designs in my prints, the waterfall of heart leaves brings such a calming presence to the space it fills. 

Water: I water my Sweetheart every week and every 2-3 weeks in winter

Indoors/outdoors: Definitely an indoor plant

Always put them in a place as light as possible

Fertilizer: I personally fertilize my sweetheart once a year. 

Level of attention needed: 5/10, needs a lot of light

Surf - A0 

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions please email me at

Lydia x