Lounge Walls

'The Perfect Triplet'

When designing our ‘Triplets’ I have two things in mind- balance and harmony.

I feel that balance is created by choosing a selection of prints that have a variation of blank space. I like to work with one print filling almost all the space, one filling half and one filling almost or less than a quarter of the space. I find that this is the best way to create balance when working with 3 prints.

I like to use the same tones throughout my triplets but with varying intensity and gradients in each print, which achieves flow but also gives them a point of difference. It’s important that even though each print has a different image, they all look unified when they hang together. Repeating certain elements and colours indicates that they belong to one another without compromising their individual beauty.

Most importantly, These triplets are created to bring joy and peace onto wall space through being snippets of nature into the home.

'Ocean Blues'

This triplet celebrates the whimsical beauty that the ocean has to offer. 

This triplet is made up of our best selling 'surf' print along with two new prints that are exclusively sold in this triplet, all prints are 1/50 limited edition

A1 Ocean blues


'Mountain Triplet'

This triplet transports you to the peaceful mountain tops in the Milford Sounds. 

This set is made up of our best selling 'Milford sound' pair, coupled with 'Scape I' to continue the beautiful mountainscape

A1 mountain triplet



'Golden triplet'

This triplet transports you to the sandy beaches of NZ where you'll find an abundance of golden tones in the sand and plants.  

This triplet is made up of our best selling 'Toi Toi' print along with two other limited edition prints that were designed to be married up with the toi toi's.

A1 Golden triplet



'Banana triplet'

This triplet showcases the beauty of jungle leaves. This set unearths bold shapes and lines that banana leaves have when you look up close. 



A1 banana triplet


'Ocean Serenity Triplet'

This striking triplet uses the simplicity of colour and subject to create a beautiful wall panel. 

This triplet is made up of our best selling 'Be still' print coupled with other complementary pieces. 

A1 Ocean Serenity Triplet


'Green Triplet'

This triplet is made up of some of our original watercolour designs, these were created before we started producing limited edition ranges, they are still some of our best selling prints. The falling leaves print is our all-time best seller and has influenced a lot of the ranges that came after it.  

A1 Green Triplet


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Thank you for reading!

Lydia x