Leden Lounge

Classy Colour:

You can never go wrong with clean white walls and monochromatic furniture to start your own designer space. It may sound cliche, but less generally is more - especially if your experimenting for the first time. The sheer white surfaces form a neutral canvas to embellish with pops of colour… try using your favourite cushions or artwork, to begin with.

This lounge has been sympathetically furnished to allow the artwork and accessories to speak of the colour and beauty in the room. This way, recolouring the room is made easy with a simple change to the cushions or artwork.

Keep it comfy and calm:

For me, It’s all about the serenity… Seriously! Creating a space that feels calm and serene is basically the secret recipe for your happy place. The three ways I have tried to achieve this are through the use of furs, cushions and greenery.

The use of fur and linen cushions give you that luxurious yet comfortable feel. They are not only visually appealing but they also feel amazing.

Greenery is an obvious obsession of mine! I love the idea of bringing the beauty of the outdoors into your indoor living space. Indoor plants help to clear the air and soften furnishings!

Be balanced:

4 ways of creating balance:

  • Watch out for too much negative space. For example, soften big stretched of the couch fabric with furs or fill a dark corner with a luscious indoor plant


  • Balance the chaise of your couch with a coffee table or side table


  • Create a flow from top to bottom with artwork on the walls and a rug on the floor. Filling the spaces from the ground up makes the room feel finished.


  • Pick a key colour (green in this lounge) and repeat it throughout the space.


1. Leden Design - Twin Palms 

2. Leden Design - Heart Cluster 

3. Leden Design - Phoenix 

4. Citta Design - Moon quilted cushion cover

5. Alex and Corban - Indira Cushion 

6. Nood - Lambie cushion 

7. Nood - Hampton 2-seater with left-hand chaise - light grey

8. Freedom - Long beach throw

9. Alex and Corban - Reindeer hide or Suprette - Reindeer hide

10. Freedom - Kenza floor rug



Helpful websites:

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