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IKEA Office

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IKEA Home Office

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Leden headquarters...

Here are a few pictures of my office space that I recently redesigned with IKEA furniture being my key inspiration. Unfortunately, we don't have IKEA in NZ yet but there is an awesome store called "Urban Sales" who import IKEA and stock a great selection of their pieces. 

Having an office space that is fresh and inspiring is so important for your frame of mind and productivity throughout the day. Being creative, I find it hard to stick with one office set up for more than 6 months before I want to have a shift around and freshen things up. 

This time I wanted to create more storage spaces to hide all of my bits and pieces so the "Alex Plan drawers" and the white Kmart locker were must-haves!

I love to keep my office space fresh and white because there are always lots of items that creep into your workspace that are colourful and busy. I find it best to start with a very simple colourway and then add bits of colour over the following months. 

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch at 

Prints show - 

Magnolia Leaf Pair (A1) - Shop here

Flying Philodendron (A1) - Shop here

String of Beads (A3) -  Shop here


 Urban Sales (Alex drawers) - Shop here

Urban Sales (IKEA Lerberg trestle) -  Shop here

 Kmart Locker - shop here

Palm beach candle (watermelon) - Shop here 

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