Home Office

Hi Everyone!

Recently we have moved to a larger premises and as a result, I have just set up a brand new studio space! So here is a little insight into my new space and the way that I like to work.

Surround yourself with inspiration


If it wasn’t already obvious, I love plants!! Indoor plants are an essential for me when it comes to decking out the living spaces in my home. I love the calming presence they bring, and not to mention the myriad of health benefits that comes from having them in the room.

When I started to design my workspace, indoor plants were central to the design because I wanted to feel good in the place that I work!

The plants that feature in the pictures are as follows -

Ficus Elastica- “rubber plant”, Bangalow Palm, Chain of Hearts, Bird of Paradise Palm, Philodendron Deliciosa


For my mood board, I use a simple wire fencing sheet from Bunnings then simply attach wooden pegs to clip up seasonal bits and pieces that inspire me.

Clean and simple

Storage boxes:

I am obsessed with storage boxes, I have them all around my office - and even throughout my studio storage space.

They are the perfect way to pack away all of the bits and pieces that I use during the day, and give them a home so that my workspace is left clean and clear.

Places that I shop boxes:

Nood Design store - (plain white boxes)

Warehouse stationary - (marbled boxes)

Whitcoulls - (stripped blue and white boxes)

Black and white:

Simple is always better with workspaces, sometimes it's tempting to add lots items, and colourways to your desk which tends to just make clutter. I find that in buying items that have a monochromatic colourway (boxes, pots, desk, shelves, teapots etc...) create a clean looking space, and in-turn helps to keep your mind focussed throughout the day. When I was decorating my workspace I forced myself to only buy black and white items - with the exception of my plants of course! again, even with my workspace I generally work with seasonal themes to match the corresponding collections.

Attack the senses

Taste:  one element to making my new office space was a beautiful tea pot and tea cup. It’s nice to break up the day with cups of tea - (and to have them look good at the same time!!)

Smell: I love to burn a candle for half an hour a day, my favourite candles are from “palm beach” and fav flav- watermelon, yum!

Sight: I make an effort each night to tidy up my space and make sure that it's clear so I can start a fresh the next day

Hear: I love to work with music in the background, especially when I have a list of mundane jobs to get done.

Touch: Rugs and fur! I love to be warm and comfortable, especially since I spend most of my day at the computer. I have a large wool rug under my chair and a fur rug that I sit on. 

I hope you find these little tips helpful - It's so much fun setting up a creative space, and actually so easy! With a few simple touches, you can completely transform an empty room into your creative haven, good luck with your experiments!

Thank you for reading!

Photos by Liam Wright Photography

Styling by Lydia Batts

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