Design Service!

Hi everyone!!
Yay, it's FRIDAY!!
Today we are excited to announce Leden's new design service... and it's FREE!
Designing the walls of your home can be difficult, so we want to help you visualise what your space could look like! When choosing prints there are so many options; design, size and colour that factor into making a perfect print wall. We hope that this service will give you insight into what your wall could look like before purchasing the prints!
Here's how it will work -
1. Send a front on image of the wall you are designing to
2. Include a measurement of the wall height and a measurement for one piece of furniture in the shot
3. Send the names and sizes of the prints that you are interested in seeing on your wall
4. We will mock up and image of your wall with our prints on it
5. Wait up to 48 hours 
6. We will send an image to your email with any additional suggestions.
Below are some before and after shots of walls in the home! Enjoy xx
Philo Leaf (A1)
Flock (A2)
Ficus (A2)
Free to dream (Landscape) (A2)
Balance (A1)
Thank you for viewing!! 
Lydia xx