Create the perfect Buffet set up!

Beautiful Buffet spaces!

Buffet cabinets are one of my favourite features in the home, they are so beautiful and eye-catching but also serve as very functional pieces. They are great for storage from hiding away dinner sets to giving a home to nick-nacks for the dining room or even toys for the kids!

These buffet setups will hopefully inspire you in how you can fill the space above your cabinets to enhance the beauty of the space. 

I have selected a range of buffet cabinets from some of my favourite stores, similar to those in the images I have used. 

Enjoy being inspired x


A1 Elastica Plant - SHOP NOW

Plant Pair - SHOP NOW

A1 Peonies - Shop

A2 Wisteria - Shop

A2 Love - Shop

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A1 Falling hearts 2 - SHOP

A3 Leaves - SHOP

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A. Beckett Glass Display Sideboard - Coco Republic

B. Compound Sideboard - Citta - Black

C. Compound Sideboard - Citta - Oak

D. Woven buffet - Indie Home

E. Raffles Buffet - Freedom

F. Curve Buffet - Freedom

G. Venice Sideboard - Coco Republic

H. Ikea Besta - Urban sales

I. Ikea Besta storage/draws combo - Urban Sales